Hand Tied Hair Extensions


Regardless if you are driven to turn up the volume, add length, correct a haircut, or create amazing color without chemicals, Amplify Handtied hair extensions rock! Each strand of 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair is meticulously handwoven to nylon thread, creating an 11” thin, flat, flexible, durable weft.

The thin flat profile allows the seamless combination of multiple colors and or lengths within a row allowing stylists to maximize their creativity through the creation of unique custom looks.

This cute little box is both stackable and smart with a great recyclable footprint. The easy to read outer label displays color and length details so you can find what you need in a flash. Go ahead and stock up, you can store these beauties safely and securely without sacrificing salon spaces. Rock on!

BEAD IT TO ME | 4 Colors

Amplify Bead It To Me is available in 4 Colors; Black, Dark Brown, Light Blonde and Dark Blonde. Each silicone lined 5mm bead is made of an ultra-durable light-weight aluminum which is used to gently lock hair in place when creating rows. The color-coded “chip-free” silicone lining protects your hair from damage while preventing slipping designed to match the Amplify Hand Tied Weft as well as the thread colors.

Qty: 1,000/ bottle

SEW GOOD | 4 Colors

Sew Good by Amplify is available in 4 Colors; Black, Dark Brown, Light Blonde, and Dark Blonde is the ideal thread for sewing hand-tied wefts. Amplify fast-drying flex thread is designed for maximum strength, is soft to the touch and gentle on your hair. Each Sew Good thread has been color-coordinated to match Bead It To Me to insure an undetectable match and considered by top stylists as the only choice. You will love that Sew Good retains less than 1% of its weight in moisture, unlike traditional cotton weaving thread which can retain up to 10 times its weight in moisture.

Thread Spool 450m.


Get a Grip by Amplify Hair Extensions are pliers designed to assist you in really getting a grip on hand-tied extension applications. Yeah…they’re beautiful, but more importantly they’re easy to use. This all in one tool features a gold-plated needle nose for locking beads, a bead opening and removal groove, cutting mechanism, and an ergonomic and comfort handle. When it’s time to pack up and store your tools, you’ll love the zippered Amplify Plier Case which travels well when it’s time to take “this show” on the road.


Don’t let the name fool you; this convertible extension tool is not only functional but easy to use. The versatile handle allows you to interchange multiple loops by simply inserting the desired loop and twist to lock and secure. Loopy is full of surprises, unscrew the bottom cap and you’ll find eyelet and hook loops inside. This good looking hardworking tool can be used for applying almost every method of beaded hair extensions; it even comes in handy as a styling tool. Hair Hack: For faster application times, keep 2-3 pre-loaded bead threaders on hand.

Contents: One handle, 2 Eyelet Loops, and 2 Hook Loops.


2 Replacement Loops for Amplify Hair’s “Loopy” Loop Tool.


Detached by Amplify Hair Extensions are small sexy lightweight scissors designed to easily separate the ties that bind. Beautiful gold-plating makes these compact scissors worthy of being shown off. The short blade length allows for precision removal of sewn wefts and thread trimming, making your extension removal fast, easy, and comfortable for both you and your client.


Hooking Up by Amplify Hair Extensions is an 8mm large curved “C” Needle designed for control, agility, and grip while sewing wefts. The steel curved needle features a gold-plated eyelet for improved strength and visibility while threading and sewing, so your game is always on point.

Contents: 2 “C” needles


On Your Marks by Amplify Hair Extensions is your ultimate wingman. Designed to be your ultimate assistant by holding everything in place while mapping Hand Tied Hair Extension Wefts on to each row of hair. These small metal Marking Clips are lightweight, easy to use, and are designed to hold hair securely in place.

Contents: 10 Marking Clips


This Tool kit has everything you need to easily apply and remove Amplify Hand Tied Hair Extensions

  • 1 Amplify Case
  • 1 Get a Grip
  • 1 Detached
  • 1 Loopy
  • 2 Hooking Up
  • 10 On Your Marks

Dimensions: 7″ x 5.25″