Amplify Hair Education & Events

2 Day Amplify Certification
Nano Weft Master Class
Triple Power Happy Hour

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Both Days

Tape Education

Learn Tape, Sewn-in Method and Hybrid applications, and how to implement this as a daily service.


  • Receive expert product knowledge on Tape & Sewn Methods suite of high-quality, high-performing products.
  • Learn the advanced Amplify Low-Tension Anchor Row Method, as well as the advanced Amplify Tape In and Hybrid Method.
  • How to use Amplify extensions to increase your average service ticket, retail ticket, and pre-booking percentage.
  • Learn advanced planning, placement & cutting techniques for all hair extensions.
  • How to unleash your creativity by using Amplify extensions as a tool to create shape, coverage or chemical-free color. Why Balayage when you can BalayADD?
  • Explore how to convert non-extension clients for one of five reasons that have nothing to do with adding length.
  • How to increase your average service ticket by $300 in just 5 minutes.
  • Learn how to leverage your social media & turn your stories into views, likes, and clients.


  • AMPLIFY Sewing Toolkit 
  • 1 Amplify Case 
  • 1 Get a Grip Pliers 
  • 1 Detached Scissors 
  • 1 Loopy Loop Tool 
  • 2 Replacement Loops 
  • 1 set of Hooking Up “C” Needle (2 pc) 
  • 1 set of On Your Marks Marking Clips (10 pc)  
  • 1 Setlist Placement Board 
  • 1 5mm Bottle of Bead it to Me Beads 
  • 1 Spool of Sew Good Nylon Thread 
  • 1 Box AMPLIFY Nano Weft   14″-16″ 
  • 2 Boxes AMPLIFY Nano Tape 14″-16″ 
  • 1 Break Up Remover Solution  
  • 1 Pack of Replacement Tape  
  • 1 Amplify Education Folder 
  • 1 Amplify Education Workbook  
  • 1 Mirror Cling 
  • 1 Hand Tied Look Book 
  • 1 Tape Look Book 
  • 1 Tape Home Care Card 
  • 1 Hand Tied Home Care Card  
  • 1 Consultation Pad 
  • 1 Salon Guide 

What to Bring:

  • 4+ Metal Duckbill Clips
  • 4+ Crock Style Clips
  • Metal Tipped tail comb
  • Cutting and Styling tools

Certified Salon Additional Stylist – Placement Board and Tool Kit

BYOH: Bring your own Hair

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

1 Day Sew Undercover – Nano Weft Master Class

This class includes all the products and education you need to achieve beautiful transformations that are Sew Undercover. If you are already certified in Amplify’s Low-Tension Anchor Row Method or new to Amplify Hair, but certified in another method, you will love our Sew Undercover Nano Weft Masterclass education.  

  • Harness the power of Nano and discover how the superior, ultra-fine, yet super-strong alternative to Hand Tied Wefts, can revolutionize your hair extension game. Learn the art of cutting and/or folding the 26” wide Nano Weft with precision and confidence. 
  • Your clients want their extension game to be Sew Undercover. Unleash the creativity with the customization of the Nano Weft achieving a flatter, non-bulky, seamless look with clean stitching techniques. 
  • Masterful mapping & layering while unlocking limitless possibilities for length, volume, color, and stunning updos. 



  • 1 14” Nano Weft 
  • 1 18” Nano Weft 
  • 1 3mm Beads 
  • 1 Cotton Thread – Multi Pack 
  • 1 Marking Clips 
  • 1 Replacement Loop 
  • 1 BFF Dry Shampoo 
  • 1 Amplify Cape 
  • 1 Presentation Folder with Workbook 

What to Bring: 

  • Placement Board 
  • Sewing Tool Kit 
  • 1 Spool of Nylon Thread 
  • 1 bottle of 5mm Beads 
  • 4+ Metal Duckbill Clips 
  • 4+ Crock Style Clips 
  • Metal Tipped tail comb 


Triple Power Happy Hour



  • Increase your revenue by $1 million without adding a single client⁠.
  • How to use extensions as the tool to increase retail & pre-booking⁠.
  • Learn how to leverage your social media & turn your stories into views, likes, & clients.
  • How to unleash your creativity by using extensions as a tool to create shape⁠.
  • Chemical-free color: why Balayage when you can BalayADD⁠.
  • How to increase average service ticket by $100 in 5 minutes.